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    the hunter of mt. asog by sm orobia sarikaw the hunter was surprised to see the presence of a spanish friar in his village. being used to foreigners the hunter welcomed the friar, thinking they came to trade with them. he called the council of elders to discuss the matter. succeeding events showed raraga, sarikaw’s daughter, fall in love with pedro, a younger spanish soldier until it was decided that they would be wed according to local ritual. though against this ritual the friar consented on condition that they be wed according to christian ritual. the honeymoon of the young couple was interrupted by the arrival of a new spanish captain notorious for his atrocity in mexico. at first sarikaw went along with the alien’s harsh policy of forced labor, but when women were forced to work, the natives resisted the spaniards and bloody fighting a ensued. pedro chose to side with sarikaw because his wife was pregnant and he found unchristian the policy of capt villanueva which forced the ... written bysantos_orobia


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